Professional Services and Theoretical Approach:


My psychotherapy practice includes individuals, couples, and families.  I have more than twenty years experience in various work settings including hospital, clinic, and private practice. I am an integrative therapist drawing from a broad range of approaches, including cognitive behavioral, family therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Jungian, and Imago Relationship Therapy.  I approach problems holistically and systemically.  



  • When working with families, I draw primarily on my training in Systems Theory and Structural and Strategic Family Therapies.    


Couples and Individuals 

  • Integrative approach, both short-term and longer-term therapy. 

  • With both individuals and couples I often use the T.E.A.M. model of David Burns, M.D. 

  • With couples I frequently use Imago Relationship Therapy and also draw upon the work of John and Julie Gottman, Ph.Ds. and Terry Real among others.   

  • Trained in use of EMDR and sometimes use this technique in therapy and also with crisis or traumatic issues.

About Therapy

Since people often seek assistance from a clinical psychologist without knowing the best way to use the psychologist's services, the following are a few suggestions for maximizing the benefits of your time with me.  

  1. Write out what you hope to achieve or accomplish as a result of your consultation.  

  2. Think of me as a coach or teacher who can help you get where you want to go.  

  3. Give me feedback.  Tell me when I do something that seems helpful, but also tell me when anything slows or stops your growth or progress.

  4. When given an in-between-session assignment, carry it out.  If there is something about the assignment that you don't like or which doesn't make sense to you, say so before leaving the office with the assignment.  Reaching a common understanding regarding such assignments is essential.

  5. I do not assess ability to work, address worker compensation issues or complete worker’s compensation forms.    

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between the therapist and the client.  Together, I believe that we can make important changes in your life.  However, therapy is not a smooth path.  There may be times you feel worse in the short-term while working toward long-term goals. Further, the outcome of therapy is not something that can be guaranteed.  Progress depends on many factors including motivation and other life circumstances and relationships.  Therefore, despite our efforts, matters can get worse as well as better.  Working with you in therapy is my promise to do my best to help you reach your stated goals.